Talking about Recent Technology – The 3D Printing Technology:

It was just a few days back while I was preparing on Technology updates, met few interesting people who seem to have caught up with all the latest buzzwords in technology. With a wonder did I start to converse with a few out there about the Internet of Things, Cloud, Big Data and much more till the recent tech slang Selfie, it was when the moment the discussion was moved to the future of 3D Printing Technology which was about 4D Printing. It was a bash for me as when the concepts were driven so much with blasting participation from the many contemporaneous gave me a thought to imagining the World of Manufacturing Independence.3d-printer-voor-consumenten-2Sort of I’m all set to feed the inputs to keep you watching over the technology happening in 3D Printing. Just imagine it’s a kind of genie at your service. You are been able to print out objects in the desired material. Oh! Yes now as you are I too was keen on noting the materials used and got to know that it can print in the chosen materials among the plastic, nylon, iron, clay, dough, wax, glass, alloy, chocolate, gold, silver, rubber and over about 100 types of 3D Printing Materials.

It’s a great go to see the requirements getting handled in a single go and that it can be printed any time. Say you might need to nail an object or require a spare to fix your furniture just go deciding to 3D print to get the required part. Of course there are many additive technologies and concepts in manufacturing but the idea is when you can 3D print the product, you are almost in hand with it. It creates the objects by adding the materials in the required place and making it complete. On the other hand, you would also have come across the concepts of subtractive manufacturing which is in the way the blacksmith works by removing the unwanted parts to make the objects complete.

How it all works?

Well, we have been talking about its creation and the additive process but let us also know how it is possible to create the required object virtually and bringing it to reality. The Computer Aided Design file is used for the 3D printing. You would also be able to scan the image in 3D and bringing the file to be transformed as 3D objects. The various methods of manufacturing which you would come across includes the Selective Laser Sintering, Fused Deposition Modelling and the most commonly used is the Stereolithography. All of these are known as SLS, FDM, SLA and they aid to integrate the visualised object in the 3D platform. These professionals are known as 3D Printing Manufacturers who gain momentum. Just as you click your cherished moments and the more selfies would be jaw dropping experience it if you realize that it is possible to 3D scan yourself and print a 3D miniature with the endless memories.Selfie


Now you would attentively see that other than the commercial 3D printing they are also used in the Personal 3D printing which goes interesting day by day. The use of these are also experienced in the industries of designing, architecture, casting, education, medicine, healthcare, retail and simple for other personal enthusiasm. There has been remarkable revolution in the medical industry which has meant for the organ printing, tissue engineering and much more. There is also awareness about the 3D printing cost and you would also note that there are simple methods to access without purchasing a 3D printer but with the online 3D printing service providers.


The Future:

Computerized manufacturing is possible with any specification, customization, and remarkable endurance and in no time the product comes to being in your hands. Just as how the pictures and portraits are popular for the current generation, sooner it would be to have a 3D printed miniature of yourself for the display and decorative. This is an interesting field and the most demanded technology. Soon you would be to release the happening and enrichment in the 3D printing which has now stepped its foot in the 4D printing concept and much more.

“New Technology creates better opportunities and always expects you to stay updated and competitive”