Case Study - Dodilio

A top-notch development of this collaborative large-scale research network, facilitating the research and investment community to meet and discuss concepts, leading to mature the innovative technology ideas conceptually, thoughtfully and designed.

01 Challenges:

The Business Situation:

The client requirement was the creation of solid collaborative platform with a great vision. Needed to systemize the procurement of collaborative researchers across globe, connecting to discuss over the innovative ideas, share proposals, deliver new technology with the support of the platform. There was an emphasize on the convenience added to the user requirements, increase the visibility throughout with communication, personalized dashboard and create a better monitoring system within the platform.

The Need for Solution:

Refining the target of the customer and analysing the tool solutions specifies the challenges of the target solution. The constant and souring development in the industry main streams the project in various fronts.

02 Solutions & Adoption:

The Decision and Approach:

PROBESEVEN applied competitive thinking to refine the solutions, active discussions and clear understanding set the targeted development. Systematically sorting the proposed plan with an array of feasible options added to the state-of-art technology proves to deliver the client requirements.

The Implementation:

Adhering to effective planning on the technical research to meet the objective the development was built and implemented. The development was a combination of several modules.

Designed to share innovative ideas that gets published to all the Dodilio members,
Personalized dashboard to manage and upload of files in any format.
A collaborative and communicative system which includes Video conferencing, instant emails and chat system.
An accurate report of the activities of the specific user on user ideas, profile, video, files, proposals, and contacts which does come along the graphical displays.
Allowing you to build and manage contacts online.
Possibility to create and manage events both online and offline.
Dedicated forums that are sorted industry wise with the feasibility to collect general information, market activity along with a search engine to identify members of the network. Along with these are present an efficient user management system.

The Solution in Action:

Dodilio happened to be one of the best strategy to be implemented with the integrations, the client requirements began with well-defined initiatives to help achieve their vision. The establishments of the various phases enabled stronger collaboration for prompt success in implementation. The target clients of our client were well collaborated for their mutual success.

The Solution in Action

03 Upshot:

The Results:

Dodilio turned out to be the first and best commercial Research Network that hit the market with popularity and competence and its for an insight of features.


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