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A leading global textile manufacturer having collaborated with PROBESEVEN declares improved business productivity and multi-fold ROI, condenses overhead costs with automation and collaboration.

01 Challenges:

The Business Situation:

The company approached PROBESEVEN with a vision to gain an optimized workflow, improve in operations, save on time, eliminate various department based dissatisfaction, production issues and amplify profits. Automation of the complete in-house functions established various parameters to manage the overall production. The challenge was to optimize the different parameters of inventory, factory, operations, maintenance, customer service and back-end departments.

The Need for Solution:

The pressure been experienced like most top companies in this industry. It is being identified of the lack of collaboration, duplication, no optimized use of resources, customer feedback, expansion difficulties and the complete secured records.

Although they had been trying to simplify certain procedures, the results were not as expected, pertaining to these was their approach to PROBESEVEN, a consultation with clear insight of the total business life cycle and control over the various departments which was demonstrated with its few proprietary tools, the feasibility and with the most effective solution to position the company back to the desired growth and successfully competitive made the decision.

02 Solutions & Adoption:

The Decision and Approach:

PROBESEVEN conceptualized with the expert team to implement the new strategies in development. It was decided to create modules right from the yarn purchase department to the complete fabrication and logistics the various modules with all the inward and outward functions along with the clear and transparent stock movements were customized.

The Development

The Development

Integrating the convenient Dashboard to ease the supervision, swift feedback, ultimate customer satisfaction. Providing user-centric information, simple yet modern UI, drag and drop order status, device first approach, high availability, high reliability and security. The hybrid development with the cutting-edge technology with the advantage of the framework, design, concept along with the flexibility and reliability made it exclusive. Provided a cross platform support and device friendly, it does prove to give better user-experience.

The Implementation

Ensuring the smooth implementation of the ERP running in the core business which endlessly manages the complete production, stock, team, stakeholders, testing and all the required change management. With the required training and the post-delivery maintenance are taken care with great fulfilment.

The Implementation

03 Upshot:

The Results:

The futuristic solution by PROBESEVEN helped to position back the company to compete greatly, wonderful reporting enriched the customer satisfaction and was happy to improve the overall business productivity. The final declaration with the ROI was multi-fold. As a progressive scenario, the company is now planning to incorporate digitalization additionally to its other raw material productions.

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