Case Study - iGigaplex

Defining an innovative entertainment with collaborative strategy. PROBESEVEN delivered a complete solution to the client to stream full length feature films and other entertainments in real time with rental concepts.


Business Scenario:

iGigaplex, the requirement of the global prominent media company which collaborated with a group of entrepreneurs and movie enthusiasts in the field of media and technology. The requirements were to build a movie server application for iGigaplex which has efficient streaming of full length films which makes it an entertainment on rental basis.

The Observance:

Understanding the requirement and with the clear strategy in place, we made rapid strides to bring across the client requirement in the best effective manner. Having proposed a concrete architecture that could serve movies in the mobiles with this dedicated mobile app which can be obtained for downloads in the App stores.

02 Solutions & Adoption:

The Decision and Approach:

Conducting a strategy program which involved complete planning our team of tech-enthusiasts uplifted the concepts to provide much better solution beyond the expectations for the customers to enjoy the movie renting experience.

The Implementation:

Analysing the complete requirements and prioritizing the capabilities the work was segmented based on the methodology and the needs. Overcoming the challenges yet with the goal to produce the most innovative online movie rental portal the development took forth greatly.

Providing an efficient platform to deliver the media content swiftly. Enabling and deploying a MVC based secured server app backend to control and manage the movies, subscriptions, users and customers.

The app was custom built with 50+ modules to make it implemented for the defined purpose. Built with stringent security algorithm that eliminates the unauthorized accesses. The functional advantage added with the numerous APIs developed for the complete communication between the server and the mobile adds.

Added convenience which along with the subscription model which rents a movie on the move. In the business perspective, the content owners’ portal was also developed to accept submission of movies from the content owners and provide them the relevant reports of their movie hits, commercials, and the compliments.

More features were made available like the Affiliate marketing, Facebook application account integration, browsing movie catalogue with updates in the promotional websites.

The Solution in Action:

Fulfilment of the requirements iGigaplex turned out to be a strategical implementation in the implementation of the content owners, visitors, subscribers and the web masters. Opportunities found with the simplicity of the collaboration, affiliation and the marketing. Subscribers are also able to watch the movie right inside their Facebook account.

03 Upshot:

The Results:

Enriching entertainment with much preference level makes the favourite entertainment partner for many which pleased our customer to greater extend and we gained a happy customer.


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