Case Study - OGEE Granites

A comprehensive digital solution to the memorial manufacturer and supply, highly customized order processing focusing on the customer needs.

01An Overview:

Business Overview:

High visionary company willing to power their business
objectives with exponent strategies that makes rapid
strides in the customer satisfaction. They are the
leading Stone memorial manufacturers with

The Requirements:

Requires a versatile and collaborative digital platform with exclusive customization. Entails to the modern and convenient tracking system and the convenient handling of the customer requirements. Most insisted was the handling of accounts innovatively and required a quick overview platform.

02 Solutions & Adoption:

The Decision and Approach:

With great understanding and employing the customized requirement, our team worked exclusively to bring the features to support the business with the multi-fold growth. The integration of various modules that customizes the better way meeting the vision of the client.

The Implementation:

Much concentrated over the high customization with add-ons, quick batch allocation and tracking in order management, innovative collaboration and communication and a precise personalized customer portal. Setting the profits based on customers, the secured accounts management, unique and informative dashboard and the report generation.

The Solution in Action:

The digital solution with the online order tracking was implemented which allows the users to create the memorial. The client was pleased to see happy and returning customers. They could effectively use the batch allocation and batch tracking system saving on time and energy. Things were streamlined with the anytime collaboration with the customers and order status notifications. Enhanced was the experience with the personalized customer access. The unique concept of profit setting improves better business. The uncompromised accounts tracking along with the customized report generation makes practical efficiency.

The Implementation

03 Upshot:

The Results:

OGEE Granites defines to be the best custom software for handling stone memorial customized orders,
customers and the procedures. The development supported and gratified the clients vision.


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