Case Study - Perfume Bee

Deployed a strategic shopping portal, providing a secured engagement for the customers in ordering and purchasing the customized products.

01 An Overview:

The Business:

Perfume Bee belonging to NewYork Fragrances USA, the pioneers in perfumes for over 3 decades inflates their business strength to the online store. The e-store needs a technology that provides seamless user experience and would have to showcase large inventory.

The Requirements:

The renowned brand wanting to launch the e-store that carries divisions to build better design, maintain scalability, seamless and consistent customer experience, designed to operate with simplicity, implement to support online payments, the customized pricing mode, user-friendly for personalised needs, integrated with the social media.

02Solutions & Adoption:

The Decision and Approach:

With the clear and clarified approach, the decision was taken forward for the OpenCart development. The prompt approach and the clear visual reference helped to bring in the desired results. The team implemented many new features and supported the platform with the complete development.

The Implementation:

The branding approach delivered with the logo character for the brand name, the development was well laid with scalable architecture using OpenCart. Modest layout chosen for better shopping experience. Supported with the simplified navigation and the product finder, integration of social media served an advantage.

Deployed a structured and robust backend tool to manage the inventory, orders, and other details. Provided with the custom discount module which generated the campaign discount coupons easily. Provided a batch update process which is could maintain large inventory data. Having supplemented with the integrated custom newsletter module that allows to choose the products, create a unique catalogue style, and send newsletters at the desired frequency.

03 Upshot:

The Results:

Over the success deployment the e-store that emerged into the market was seen to be an encapsulate of great brand. We did work on the SEO promotions for Perfume Bee with the pure white hat strategies. We also promoted with PPC’s and triggered many interested clients to the e-store.


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