Case Study - Quadra Systems

An Enterprise Responsive Online Presence crafted with rich details and great user-experience.

01An Overview:

Business Overview:

Quadra systems the prominent technology group,
recognized with global awards and servicing numerous
clients for over decades was interested in modest and
usable informative website.

The Requirements:

With great interest to provide customers a dedicated website with the details about the cloud adoption, making a start and a foundation for the high agile business environment. The client required to offer their customers a great website which details on the cloud services.

02 Solutions & Adoption:

The Decision Process:

Understanding the brand requirements, the team worked to bring the enriched identity to their business. We decided to provide the user experience with the responsiveness, more of user interactions, a device independent website would be provided with the reliable hosting. We also decided to focus much on the unique crafting and adopt licensed images.

Accomplished Solution:

Launched the website with much evolving user experience, the branded contents, images, illustrations made it unique. It also created the complete responsive and device friendly website. Top-notch minimal design concept with better usability design, solid and vibrant images conveys visual interest, simplified and interactive parallax navigation, embedded web fonts for enriched typographic, SVG resolution for the vectors, dynamic content fetching to the cross links for the desired topics, automatic social media integrations and professionally hand coded feasible for future updates.

The Implementation

03 Upshot:

The Results:

The best-in-class prominent responsive website was launched and won the customer satisfaction.

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