Case Study - RD Promos

The leading manufacturer of customized Awards and Gifts, puts its focus on the e-store convenience. The highly customized OpenCart implementation with enriched features rejuvenates the success of the company, creating a seamless and personalized customer experience.

01 Challenges:

Business Scenario

Been popular in the manufacturing products of 19 verticals, the company was interested to digitalize and provide customers online shopping experience with the ultimate convenience.

The Need for Solution

Required to stay competitive and the client needed to show much of online efficiency by providing their customers the seamless experience. Their approach to PROBESEVEN was to migrate from the existing platform to the all-new and enriched features.

02 Solutions & Adoption:

The Decision and Approach

The client selected to work with PROBESEVEN based on our industry knowledge and the wide range of services in an aggressive timeframe. We decided to implement the requirements with OPENCART solutions to the online shopping. The team welcomed the adoption of the proposed solution to transform the e-Store to a well laid business-centric functional platform facilitating the Vendors and Franchisees to setup their store, inventory and serve their respective orders.

The Implementation:

Created an integrated solution to match each of their business and which gets associated with unique business logic. The e-store module was customized and blended with the unique business logic that could be defined by the admin.

Accomplished Solution

Multi-vendor, Multi-store, Franchisee model was defined and taken forward for the market promotions. Provided with scalable inventory solution that allowed to define with simplicity, the new vendor product structure. Possibilities for multiple shipping policies and methods which were given for the vendor feasibility. The vendors and the franchisees could set-up the store independently right from the scratch to the order fulfilments.

An interesting catalogue creation with options to share the product information along with the setting of catalogue expiry date. Doubtlessly, comes the highly customizable store front and product highlighting for different customer groups. Added features are corporate orders merchandize, customized scratch card redeem campaign solution for corporates with custom branding options. Streamlined payment model between the customer and the vendors. Further, end to end customization was implemented to provide the complete functionality. Deployed a new technique integrated with the MVC engine that provides high availability.

The Solution in Action

With the complete innovative solution, the business system was implemented and the company was ready to achieve their operational effectiveness to serve all their online customers. Increase of much digital features have enabled the client to focus more on the customer satisfaction.

03 Upshot:

The Results:

Highly tailor-made solution along with easy and quick handling of the requests, laid a robust business model, the store for trusted shopping experience.


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