Case Study - SIMO

Pool of entertainment rapid scaling up with latest technology.

01 Challenges:

The Requirement:

The renowned client who was interested in an innovative Mobile VOD with a pool of entertainment with endless share and cheer was the vision for SIMO.

The Need for Solution:

The preference was the latest technology, seamless experience, hardcore entertainment with virtual collaboration, embedded with the visitor’s preference and perform with varied devices.

02 Solutions & Adoption:

The Decision and Approach:

PROBESEVEN was the choice of the client for the excellent track record in launching successful online apps and been able to deliver great experience for the brands and businesses. We did understand the requirement of the client and worked over the right user interface and discovered the interesting aspects for the seamless experience to the customers.

The Implementation:

Through the close collaboration, we could achieve the goal of turning SIMO an interesting entertainment app. Along with the most features we did hit the ground by providing highly customized back-end tool to control the application.

Accomplished Solution:

Together the solution was provided with the skilled resources and establishes a digital presence in the entertainment sector with the features impressive which included the following.

Accomplished Solution
The virtual Theatre which allows the user to invite
audience to experience the entertainment be it movie at
the same chosen hours.
SIMOments are the captured videos which can be shared to the contacts with the description and give the audience the privilege to play, watch, share and comment.
Live events and shows are another aspect that is included which allows the user to broadcast the live events or shows among their chosen groups. The user given the privilege to watch, share and like it.
Shots and Cocktails shows up an interesting concept where it allows you user to extract the clipping from various videos and the cluster of each shots makes the cocktail that excites the viewers.

03 Upshot:

The Results:

SIMO, the pool of entertainment keeps its shots in air and providing technology with mobile entertainment that rapidly spreads and delights the customers.

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