Case Study - SOLKAP

Engagement of strategic implementation to secure and advance the e-At system, facilitated to transact bulk recharging happening every second in Africa.

01 Challenges:

Business Scenario:

Solkap being leaders in African Telecommunication sector willing to distribute the electronic airtime for their clients who are telecom providers in Africa.

Business Requirement:

Prime requirement was simplify and automate the recharging system where in the simplicity can be experienced by the user. Stated was the additional requirement of the integrated customer’s payroll system that enables to make bulk auto-recharging for all mobile users and corporate users.

02 Solutions & Adoption:

The Decision and Approach:

With great interest to serve our prominent client with this new requirement headed to provide Solkap a unique solution with the technology that would give a comprehensive solution. Encapsulating all the best skills, the process was discussed and approached to provide flexible new platform that could be adopted by the client easily.

The Implementation:

Probeseven designed and built a futuristic platform with the scalable solution which streamlines the requirements. The platform consisting of the instant Airtime e-recharging system for both the individual and corporate users. With the multiple features availability that served for effectiveness and simplification made it the best suitable solution.

Accomplished Solution:

Flexibility and enrichment was experienced by the client while it served for the Real time Airtime e-Recharge system for both the individual and corporate users. An added corporate layer wad defined to manage the sub-user accounts where in the air time can be auto-recharged on low balance.

Provided with a dealership and sub-dealership accounts which was structured for the on-the-go commissions. Deployment of an effective queue management system promising a failproof recharging schedule. The implementation of 2-way payment transaction system which helps to recharge and pay back bonuses by simplifying the commercial management. Added to these we did implement a 3-tier security system that outsourced Firewall systems.

The Development

03 Upshot:

The Results:

The futuristic solution by PROBESEVEN helped to position back the company to compete greatly, wonderful reporting enriched the customer satisfaction and was happy to improve the overall business productivity. The final declaration with the ROI was multi-fold. As a progressive scenario, the company is now planning to incorporate digitalization additionally to its other raw material productions.

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