Our services matches your businessObjectives, proves successful withScalable Architecture.

Online Retail & Ecommerce Development

Online Retail & Ecommerce Development

Our services matches your business Objectives, proves successful withScalable Architecture.

Performs real time testing, handles complex discount coupons, state-of-art return policy, bulk or batch update is possible and provides automatic logistics along with analytical tools.

Significance that goes a long way is the cloud deployment that is prudent and supports swift access, multi support and periodic auto back up help your success in online business.
The comprehensive strategy and architecture service is backed by expertise which allows better system integration and also makes scaling up as the business grows.
Stay upgraded with technology and it supports the cross platform and integrates to any platform. This makes it popular to demonstrate the highlights of the product.
Expert brand design that customize your store with contemporary trend which gets you with full featured CMS, encouraged social media and catering to blogging platform.
Expert brand design that customize your store with contemporary trend which gets you with full featured CMS, encouraged social media and catering to blogging platform.
Simple to use that satisfies the customers, easy choice of products with the multiple image display and angle rotate. Set with animations and real rich experience is enriched. Right from the choice of the product to the check-out simplicity is practiced.
Keeps the interactions and intimation in place with the many branded creation of automated email messages that sends intimations of every notification.

Lengthen Store Capabilities

Re-think on store Extension

Progressive enhancements in the store is possible and feasible to customize and attach modules as the need arises. In line with the application design and structure added modules can be successfully integrated.

Meeting the Integrations with Stock

Renders a strategy to extend and sync the stock with the POS solutions. This tight and shift integration implements for the successful customer relationship and user experience.

Structuring to Integrate

Effectively integrates with the desired Third party services without any redirection. Generating more confidence among the users the payment gateway integration and the checkout model are with reliably automated with the different services. Automatic online shipping tools like UPS, Blue Dart etc also meets the promise.

Easy track of understanding the customer profile, tracking the order history, enabling the customer account creation and managing the customer groups easily.
Robust platform for Managing Inventory Data easily manage the stock counts and quick status when inventory runs out. Easily organize the products by category and sort them automatically.
Possible to create one or many coupons or discounts which applies to single order or multiple order placement.
Fulfil the orders anytime and anywhere with its device agnostic, receive payments and process orders any point to time. Handle returns with simplicity as makes possible to return full or partial order that gets the inventory updated. Possibly import and export the files in batches and in bulk using CSV files which is also applicable for invoices and packing slips.
Online store equips with SSL and is certified that keeps secure the data or the information collected from the customers and visitors. This promising trust seals better relationship with the customers and public.
Ensures hassle free buying experience with its interactive and friendly UI/UX, engaging the customers with the stuffs that interest them and creating a confident purchase experience.
Equipped with the branded email notifications, clear status update of the processed orders, simple to connect with the integrated live chat and customer support desks. Connect with the mobile Apps and stay connected effortlessly.
Highly dynamic dashboard which tracks your sales, traffic and allows you to have an insight of the store performance instantly. Gives you a customized and tailor-made dashboard.
Reports in various formats can be exported for analysis, it can be used as a reference to deduct customer behaviour and to make decisions. The customized reports in the required format prompts better business activities.
Get highly informed market performance with graphical reports and extensions provided with the third party analytics integrations like Google Ecommerce Analytics, Heat maps and much more which deliberates the nature of customers, visitors and gives a better scrutiny of the user behaviour.
Capture High Availability deployments with the load balancers, high uptime and uninterrupted access. Serves to the fullest in technology that makes it available for any number of end users. Added to it ensures the instant capacity scaling up which endures quantity.
The goal point achieved with highly secured platform and with the encryption and hack-proof security. Evolve disaster recovery measures which sets the information and marks a reliability.
The model challenges are well handled with the real device testing and does not just rely on the stimulators. The real device testing makes it high on requirement for the ecommerce websites.

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