Discover Network Devices

The primary role of the IT professional is to stay organized with the devices and peripherals and if you are a Network Engineer you are responsible to the inventory, status and health of the devices. The familiar devices like computers, printers, network switches, routers and other gadgets come under the connectivity and the Network Engineer or the System Admin team stands to maintain the complete network.

A great boon to the Network admin is the rise of network inventory software. By installing it in a single computer it discovers and scans the network with consolidating the entire network devices along with the network inventory status report.

Stated are the list of benefits.

  • Gives the automatic scan of all the network devices discovering even gadgets like routers, switches, printers and VOIP devices too.
  • Sets up the scan time automatically which can be utilized during the low usage time.
  • Simple enough to get all the details of the workstations like the performance, IP, disk space & usage and of course the serial numbers.
  • Choose on the information required for report or summarize on the entire network, also tracks the gadgets and non-network devices.

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Discovery of Network Devices:

The software when installed in a single system, it discovers the complete network devices by using Remote Management Protocols with the administrator credentials that enables the following ports.


These protocols are aided to fetch the details of the network devices in the whole simple manner and in a short span of time that generates a detailed report. In some case it may be experienced that few anti-virus software blocks the discovery which needs to be solved by unblocking them manually.

Let me also share few software tools that are familiar for the Discover Network devices like Spice works, Lan sweeper, Solar winds and Manage engine. With the hope that my experience would ignite you to try employing these discovery network devices software for the overall performance efficiency. Wish to share your experience, you’re welcome do comment your thoughts in the comments session.