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google_hummingbird_algorithmHummingbird is a new search algorithm unleashed by Google. Google has celebrated its 15th birthday on September 27, 2013 and on the same day announced this algorithm release. The concept of this new update is to process the search via voice input in the search box and retrieve results matching the voice query which indeed seems to be an interaction between Google and the users for getting relevant search results. Google really developed a number of advanced changes to this algorithm to make so search results more relevant and convincing  together with the support of existing Panda and Penguin Update.  Google voice search gives better conversational  results than typing in words.  Hence users able to search questions rather than keywords to get accurate results letting mobile traffic automatically increase naturally.  Google has seen a big revolution with Hummingbird for the very first time in its history.  After the humming bird update Google has become more powerful search engine in the market.

Hummingbird Impact on SEO

Whenever Google updates their search algorithm,  SEO experiences either a tough or smooth situation.  In the recent years starting from 2010, Google keeps on updating their search algorithm using panda and penguin.  Now hummingbird is set to give webmasters a bunch of challenges to undergo SEO.  The explicit truth of Hummingbird is certainly the heavy weight of long tail keywords compared to short keywords.  One of the major factor Google will consider to list websites for the long tail keywords. Panda and Penguin depend on the existing algorithm but the hummingbird is different since it is completely a new algorithm and do not stick to tweaks in an existing algorithm. Now on,  high quality content with strong back links will do not help your website to move first position in Google unless you find and answer the phrases people converse with voice search in Google.

How to Face Hummingbird

Previously we are optimizing a web page with keywords but the next type of strategies is explained here.  Hence SEO Professionals have a clear idea and understanding about the hummingbird and how conversational search works.  SEO Professionals target should be more on natural questions and it means what end users ask questions to Google search regarding a specific topic/business/service and include the answer for such questions in the website content.  Focus on the particular search terms and provide relevant point answers to the specific topic to surpass the Hummingbird effect.  Don’t limit to short keywords and worry on their placement in Google SERP’s. Web page content is the major ranking factor of SEO. Spend more quality time and revise with enriched content to get your  in a  natural and organic way.

SEO Strategies 2014

The year 2013 Google has overcome many useful updates for search engine optimization and online marketing.  Google Major algorithms include Google Hummingbird, Google Penguin and Google Page rank updates in the  year 2013.  In 2014, Concentrate on Long tail keywords, Google+ and advanced Link building phase which will be worth full for SEO in coming years so SEO Professionals make way for new strategies in your thought for SEO.

4 thoughts on “Google’s Hummingbird – All you want to know”

  1. I agree with the post. Hummingbird is going to change the way people search in future – using Voice. Could be the better computing on the go.

  2. After Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, the way of SEO has become difficult because now it is required to focus upon quality contents. Those people who are still using old techniques and duplicated contents are just penalizing their websites. I noticed some people who blindly run SEO campaign and don’t aware from Google algorithm. For these people this post is very helpful for get generic ranking.

  3. Woah this kind of weblog is great i adore studying your content regularly. Stay the great work! You are aware of, so many people are shopping around because of this data, you could possibly assist all of them drastically.

  4. The hummingbird is the new Google search engine algorithm; through this Google update the search engines are more efficient and reliable. By the coming of humming bird algorithm that have the greatest impact on the SEO. The SEO is changing now if you want to become your website on top you have to adopt the strategies of Google webmaster tool and avoid for the Spamming. Yuvaraj your blog is quite excellent and informative thanks for sharing it.

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