Months of Incredible Events – It is great you have been here, pause for few mins and get to know the fresher and newer happenings at PROBESEVEN.  

Incredible Events

It was certainly the months of incredible feel which excites us worth the many events and the value it created for each one is something progressive and positive.  The team on board decided the organisers to hit the events and what was in astonishment, was the surprise upheld till the event got unwrapped. Amazingly, each of the quarter year events were favouring the share and the gain of knowledge. Since then I’ve been waiting to share to all visitors the months of core learning and core exploring. How I could present it is I would tell you to read each of the events described below.

Here is the one and I’ve come up with a better way…

Let me describe the last at first strategy and show you the insight of what exactly happened. I would now compile each of the event with all the info make it thoughtful for you to go through.

Hey, I’m excited to share and also I would stick to the promise to keep it short and crisp.

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A BIG, BIG Thanks!

Friends, we had a truly wonderful events for the month of July, you’ll discover how much of dedication towards each detail. A fusion of events called it so, as organized 3 events on the same day. System Admin Day, Parent’s Day and Bay Decoration Day!

Fun, creativity, respect, recognition, consideration and dreams made up the day. Most in the team got irresistible, raised hands vividly for active participation.

Jayaraj and Pandirajan seamlessly let the day events keeping the spirit raising with the moves of the clock.

Awestruck were all … as Pandiarajan mentored with the core elements of the system administration and the happening innovations. Creators are outsmarted by the destroyers as the prevailing trends clings us from keeping and meeting all security nodes. Very informative and descriptive to go with such events. An opportunity to register and secure the promise to our beloved parents, proud and gratified were all to describe their wish and care for their parents. Never will be anything more special to think of what best can be offered to our parents. Wonderfully organized and was enlightened with the wishes received for the engulfment of each of the wish. With no drags and no tears, the bay decoration was organised by Jayaraj. Cool and bubbling was the interest of each team who outsmarted each other in Concept, Creativity, Presentation, Organizing & Participation.

The bay concepts enriched the day,
  • Celebrations which was known for Enthusiastic participation & good presentations,
  • Childhood Memories – the team enlightened and been known as Happy participants & Unique Thinkers,
  • The next was the Bay of Positive Thoughts – enriched with the comments as Professional & Thoughtful and finally comes
  • Minimal Work Space – known as Highly Creative and Artistic.

Cheers to all and we are looking forward for this day again!

Alluring and enthusiastic day was when the World Jump Day was initiated. Taking a break from the professional tasks coming the fun event. Organized by Yogeshwaran and Karthik it took a quick planning and the Pair becomes One event was on floor. Tic Tacs was around as the treasure hunt made it all exhaustive. Legs tied and the moves were by jumps, timer up, brains worked cracking the treasure. Wonderfully triggered event with the fulfilling participation. The team shared more on the environment protection and global warming solutions.

No More, No less was our month of June Events:

Mid of the month was the thread of events the Designers Day followed by the Eat Vegetable Day. We would not slip these events before we take up new ones. The designing team had rocked by shooting out the questions over the prevailing and expected technologies. Titillating to look back from the emergence of the UI and design, while as the travel was sped fast it was unbelievable to discuss over the emerging and future technology.

The pleasure of understanding to work in the designing department was explored and though it was colourful and interesting the details and perfection is any day a challenge and time consuming. Just by using all their tools and outfit one cannot outsmart was clearly demonstrated by Madesh with his hands on animation creation. It takes a lot of creativity and it turned out to endorse the amazing presentation and skills of Nagamani and Madesh. A busy and attentive week passed off as we landed in the Eat Vegetable day event. Quite a contrary to see our team mates Pushparaj and Vignesh Kumar impeccably started off with valid health benefits, the organic foods, terrace farming, the nutrients to brighten ourselves with plenty of energy and enjoy the gifts of nature. Farm fresh preparation of salads, sandwiches and blends which turned to be a relishing treat for the day.

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