Rational office acts play a key part in work ethics. And it is each individuals responsibility to follow work ethics since we are a part of global work-force. And working rationally with both client and co-workers not only improves overall team-play and credit but improves our moral image. Most of us work hard at our jobs. We care about it. We want to give our best. And here are some of the practical hack using which we can improve our work ethics.

That’s not my job: If your co-worker or a team-mate asks you for help, for a task that is outside of your core job, and you don’t really want to do. Rather than avoiding them, spend some time, helping to find the solution, instead of telling them No-IDEA.

A better option: If you don’t have time to help someone at that moment, tell them you can’t do it now, maybe sometime later. But saying words like, it is none of my Business is not a rational way. Ultimately, your aim is to help your organization win, so helping others obviously leads to success.


We’ve tried that before:  Generally, someone who has been with the company, who is newly joined suggests an idea. And Instead of giving historical context but hearing them out. So, let the experience inform your next move.

A better option:  Hear them out, give a chance. Everybody has unique Talent by their way. but there’s always room for a new approach.

I told you so: A colleague has an idea, you say it is a bad idea, and then we do it anyway. They fail. As if that isn’t enough, you pile on top of them with pleasantries.

A better option:  “I told you so” has never helped anyone, and the person almost assuredly realizes that anyway. A better option here is simple – silence.


That doesn’t follow the procedure: Someone has an idea that doesn’t jive with the standard way your company has done things.

A better option: Most rules are not absolute and, if a procedure is blocking progress, change it. Blindly adhering to the way things have always been done, destroys innovation.

Final thought:

Your career’s success depends on how well you interact with other people. Even if you are doing your specific job well if your attitude is unintentional and you don’t have any goals. Of course, no one does that on purpose, but these phrases can cause that by accident. Instead, avoid these phrases, and let your great work be what people remember most about you.