Bike here refers to the bicycle! The day, 15th May 2015 was something like leaving behind the comfortable travel, luxury vehicles and sophistication which are accustomed in our daily life. On account of the national bike to work day, we the team of PROBESEVEN did contribute to the initiative by observing the day without the usual commute.


Our team inclusive of the higher officials did sacrifice the luxury travel and were confident to take a bicycle or walk a reasonable distance. Yes! The day saw an empty parking space and it did catch up more stuffs by the volunteered co-ordinators who were on toes to receive the enthusiastic team who stepped into the office.

A welcoming presentation along with the brain storming session about the greener environment, the global warming, and the health benefits on exercise and bicycling were discussed. A remarkable participation of valuable points by the youths of this day took over the session with much spirits and increased our energy levels.

We would say this is just not another day at PROBESEVEN, the experience shared motivated few others and being tightly taken over by luxury travel was avoided with interest. We did save on fuel, gained a good work-out and of course gained in presentation. Special mention to the efficient co-ordinators for the day Mr. Bala Sundaram & Mr. Ganesh who were the motivators and mind openers on this day which the world celebrates.