Probeseven Events 2017

Welcome! Discover our Amazing April & Marvelous May Events! If you are ready to know the secrets of our team maximizing the innovative power that can be the most fulfilling giveaway. Here, is the team who never give up to learn the skills of life and work optimally with greater focus and ease. Get the insight of the 120 minutes of the legendary sessions created during the chosen event days!

How was it all crafted? Get the secrets of team motivation that has been incorporated in everything happening throughout the year. The month of March with the serial events shows how to define the models for making the event a success. It all started with the Tamil NewYear Day Celebration, a regional festival which puffed up the excitement of the traditional attire, the tribute to the ancient language ‘Tamil’ was taken forward as the theme by the organizers Gowtham Viswanath & Vignesh Kumar.

The relative activity matched up the gathering of high spirits. Having discovered the new words in Tamil would obviously be those of technology related words and digital concepts. Amazingly organized and each participant was left surprised with those known and unknown words. Explicitly, all ended exchanging wishes for the wellness and success of the forthcoming year.

It was sooner,  we landed up with the Vitamin-C Day, demonstrating that we not only show you how to stretch to the model of success but also tie each day with the health and happiness.

April-May Events

This refreshing day the so-called Vitamin-C Day was organized by Nagamani & SaravanaBhavan, tied together the team for the event hours with the single objective of health and compelling the vision for the life based on your daily nutrition. The event started with the self-diagnoses over the Vitamin-C deficiency, the surprising part was only 10% of the team cheered rich in Vitamin-C. Now, the curiosity amplified and the team looked up to discuss the health living with the natural foods. As always, the day offered ample dosage of Vitamin-C in the form of fresh juices and salads. A treat to the taste bud and the awareness created a great refreshment lasting forever.

Now, the Marvelous May peeped in and we knew the upcoming Learning Day and Macaroon Day is on the way!

There cannot be a day without learning but then why is it the day for learning? The question echoing in many… the answer would be, upskilling your knowledge in a more professional way had been the motive of the day.

Much professional approach delivered for the Learning Day by the organizers ManojKumar & Pushparaj. Mastering the hour of the day topics, the organizers initiated to seminar session which went on registration. It all started exploring the prime skills for the team as developers, as a technology enthusiast.

The topics delivered in Seminar by Manoj were on the Cloud & Business Intelligence and the topics delivered in the seminar by Pushparaj were on Big Data, Mobile Application, and Device Management. The compelling vision played a great role and seeing the transformation of becoming the tech starts with all the interactions and innovations discussed.

So, came the Macaroon Day, the organizers Yogesh and Karthik took up the way to invite the team for getting prepared for the activity of the day. The idea was to build your own Macaroon castle and get the rave reviews from the rest.

The day gave a break from STEM thoughts and added the Art aptitude. Experiencing the calm thinking and aligning the ways to improve the castle, adding logics to it and working as a team showed much support exchanged and greater happiness shared. This experience upgrades the thinking ability in an artistic way and had much of macaroons to munch the whole day.

We are glad you are here, it has never been just another day at PROBESEVEN, among the many creations and innovations the recreations also relished frequently. 

The remarkable excellence of PROBESEVEN leadership is producing more leaders among the followers. Highly dedicated and inspired team abide by the conceptual strategies in serving global customers with its array of services.  Stands exceptional to be expanding, escalating, mounting, raising in terms of technology, products, services, clients, projects, team, infrastructure, and recognition. 

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