Smart work or Hard work, Which pays better? Certainly, the smart work!  To act smart, take advantage of brilliant tools already on the web.  Today, we here picked you a hand full of interesting tools which you may missed to check out in the past.

BufferappBufferapp is a famous tool to handle sharing of stuffs on social media. Brands use Bufferapp to make a consistent presence on social media all throughout the day as well as the year. With the use of Bufferapp, you can fill in multiple post at once and schedule your post anytime and wait to see the post going automatic on your social networks. One of the best social media management tools with over 1.3 million users reaping the advantage.

FancyhandsHere’s an interesting site to get your tweaks done by your local assistants. For a low membership fee, Fancy hands let you find someone who could help you get your little work done. You can place the request by call, website or by downloading their app.

DoodleDoodle is one of the best time management and event management tool to schedule a meeting/event and send automatic alerts as the schedule nears. Especially when you require to assemble and meet a huge gathering, Doodle is the trick and yes, it’s free. Check the availability of peoples and fix the appropriate time to conduct the meeting with Doodle.

ApolloMyPriority.jpgIf you look to collaborate and handle a project online with no email communication, switch to Asana. A smart online tool to take ahead conversations and task together. Teams get organized far better letting the workflow streamlined naturally.

preziPrezi is a beautiful presentation creator application for businesses to create multidimensional presentation online. The interesting feature of Prezi is that all slides are interconnected and your presentation is naturally meaningful for the users as all data you present is linked and stands to the core. This storytelling tool has virtual canvas pre-designed and also easy to customize.

powtoonFor excellent animated videos and presentation, Powtoon is the solution. Smart and easiest way to engage audience using website videos, product demos, explainer videos and social clips. Powtoon has exciting themes and easy user interface to design animated videos of your business in no time. Make the most out of this extraordinary tool!

Google Forms:

Google FormsAn unexplored yet valuable tool right in your Gmail which helps you greatly in many engaging ways such as a tool to understand your customers, send invitation to friends, organize events, collect feedbacks, conduct surveys in an individual or combined manner, integrate as a contact form in your website or for any purpose you would like to use it. This free and easy-to-use Google forms provides templates for better convenience in designing forms and also let users to create their own template. Owner of the forms gain complete control over the form entries and save the responses either public or private.

Well, Stay tuned! The list grows…….