Does your website have these 5 Web Design Trends? It is imperative to note the several amazing things happening in the website designing and to suit the recent trends we need to look at the trends that dominate the world and look for if your website has been fortified with the latest trends. From the micro-integrations, imaginative contents, animations, duo-tone images to the most attractive web designs that dominate the current world.

1. Micro Interactions

Micro interaction is a powerful design trend that provides a great user-experience in a website. This is possible because the website interactions speaks with us a simple and efficient way.  In the recent days, visitors expect quick response and expect the website as customer care for a company or corporate. So, the visitors expect response and attention from the website like from a customer care. If you make the interactions with customer in a simple and catchy way, that is called micro interactions. Check some example of micro interactions,

  • Animations shows when hover, mouse-over, scrolling effect and on a click.
  • Provide an option to change their website color, menu bar position with a setting that resembles admin panel.
  • Show animation after an item added to cart with product name or quantity.
  • Apply a smiley/sad face icon in success/failed message with suitable colour.
  • Use tool tip or place holders in form elements.

2. Image and Website Design


For the many years we have been thinking over the header, menus, side bars but time has brought in changes. The perfectly minimal design and quality images are always hero our website. Explain your content with an image, it will remind your website to the user.

Images and text : Text will explain your content, but image will remind your content. So, if you include some important content also use related images. Content is very important to SEO, at the same time more visitors also help to increase your web traffic.

Duotones : Create image under text and a transparent color. All time it not neccessary to use a related image, you can use a catchy image. For example the title is “We are Best! In Web Design”, in this case you can use your team members photo as background. The Duotones mainly helps in parallax views.

3. Long Scrolling

I think the Scrolling trend had been since a couple of years and it take strong place in web design and for keeping it device friendly.  It is obvious to have some interesting benefits of long scrolling pages.

  • You can avoid multiple clicking and paginations
  • It provides one page design
  • User can easily Navigate in media devices such as mobile and tablet
  • If you add some animations to the scrolling it adds to the interest.
  • It also supports in responsive layouts

4. What’s New in Content?


Provide more emphasis on the landing page which not necessarily be the home page. Provide the required importance for the content and target the visitors offering their requirements. This relatively means having more contents spreads across has ended up in trend but instead give emphasis to the content even when it is distracting the image. This trend proves appealing. Provide innovative heading styles and justify being unique across the globe.

Use stylized typography, the typography easily explain the theme of a content. If the user understand a title then the can easily browse over the contents. In typology avoid providing animations at same time, use of some color combinations are better and use large font size to easily identify the block.

Colour,  is obviously a the trend setter at any giving time. It is seen that in old websites designers use only some black and grey combinations colors or single color. Next generation designers create like contrast and dual combination, that is if they use darker header then content will be lighter color of the same family and the color is seen repeating in the links, the title and the footer background. In recent days, the trend totally changed, most of the users like colourful layouts. The corporate layout are also seen designed with vibrant color schemes.


Icons, after bootstrap and fontawesome fonts entry in new website can see more icons . Use icon fonts in your content, because the icons  is a visual content type. If you use in content or forms the icon will give more attractions and more idea to the content or forms.

Another new trend is called story telling. Render your content with story telling method by using parallax design or long scrolling design. The story telling method more helpful in product display. The end user can easily remind your product as a story.

Use live data in your content, like your team members details from fb or twitter, or live and updated blog data. As the end user gets trust in your website.

5. Full-screen Modals


In recent days most of the websites use bootstrap/responsive frameworks and use bootstrap modals. The new trend in this modal is to create a full screen. Avoid transparent backgrounds for modals background and use different colors for modal background. Another aspect should be to avoid pop over or small model box for signup or sign in process. If you use full screen the end user will get a interaction with their process, they would be fully focused with the process of completing.

What is further important is to note that these web design trends are subjected to change based on the web technology and end user mind. It is rather vital to stay updated over the current trends.