Today, we were filled with a couple of strategies which kept us participated in the globally recognized day. Although it is one of the prominent event at our office, this year the day was recognized on 20th July which happened to be on Monday, the start of the week. Frankly, our team were loaded up with tasks and the mission for the week seemed to be running in each one’s minds which resulted in keeping the event crisp that did end up a bit short.

Did it sound like quitting? No, it is not what the talk was about and quitting is something not been there at our end. The guess was right we did enjoy the day with the spirit of ‘Go do a Jump’ the ring or the buzz in our minds.

2015-06-Jump Day.cdr

Wonderful enough! Our co-ordinators Mr. Arun and Mr. Jeeva the thoughtful youths who reached us with the good cause that was created in the activity of jumping. The strategies were 2 different, one which spoke about the orbit rotation of earth and the other was the health benefits over the activity of jumping. Excuse me! Don’t mean it was intended to jump to conclusion. We really worked it out. Interestingly, hurdles were set in various pathways within the office premises which needed to cross with a jump, of course the maze was fully blocked so no way to escape. May be right it was a furious thing few hours in the mornings and believe it, the interest spread and every one would have jumped the floor a dozen or two times.

Applause for the organizers for the thoughtful transformation of the day with enthusiasm. Jump! Jump! Jump! …… As always looking out for your comments and encouragement.