A State-of-the-art R&D Private Network
    Business Requisite:
    Dodilio is a collaborative large-scale research network where research and investment community meet, discuss and develop innovative ideas of technology. The client approached us with a clear vision of developing a solid platform to collaborate researchers from all over the world, post and discuss innovative ideas, combine and develop potential proposals and deliver new technology with the support of Dodilio. To improvise the research works, the system should additionally supposed to have an inbuilt communication system, personalized dashboard, file management system and event management system.
    P7 Justification:
    With all the huge list of requirements, PROBESEVEN delivered the working model of what our client expected and proudly to say that Dodilio is the finest application ever created to conduct research online together with multiple features.

    The expert team delivered most up-to-date features of every system client required to meet the trend and enhance the performance of the network.

    Brief on Dodilio functionality

    Synergistic approach to post proposals and bid on proposals
    Collective common dashboard to share new ideas, visible for all members [DiliIdeas]
    Accurate analytics report of activities on user ideas, profile, video, files, proposals and contacts with graphical representation [MyDilio]
    Array of proficient communication system that includes,
    Online Video Conference system
    Instant Email & Chat system [DiliMail]
    Highly personalized dashboard
    Upload and manage file of any format on the cloud [DiliCloud]
    Build and manage contacts online [DiliDex]
    Create and manage online and offline event [DiliEvents]
    Industry-wise dedicated Forums to collect general information, market activity and associations
    Search engine to find members in the network [DiliPeople]
    Efficient User management system
    First & Best Commercial Research Network www.dodilio.com hit the market and took off fantastically.

  • Pen Pencil Eraser
    School Information Management System(SIMS)
    Business Requisite:
    Schools depend on heavy data to get organized for daily activities and still there is an open space for highly effective and easy to use management systems. There is compelling need to explore over the unsolved verticals of management difficulties at schools to arrive at a simple and effective school administration.
    P7 Justification:
    Inspired by Cloud Technology, the software christened PenPencilEraser primarily is designed as a “SaaS� model to carry out the digital academic administration through internet anytime and anywhere. Cloud Backup, Management and Subscription model revamp entire school approach to data management and facilitate time and energy consumed in hectic data administration.
    PenPencilEraser is turned a portal more than a software meeting the following demands.

    Admission/Transfer Management
    Academic Management
    Classroom Management
    Student Management
    Muliple Board Management
    Fee Management
    Payroll Management
    TimeTable Management
    Attendance Management
    Online Leave Application Feature
    Exam & Performance Reports Management
    Online Application Management
    Advanced SMS Notifications
    Inbuilt Messaging system for Management, Admin, Teachers, Parents and Students
    Simple yet robust Money Management
    Extended Cloud Storage & Backup
    And More...
    A Proud Product of PROBESEVEN & a Complete School Management System online www.penpencileraser.com, installed and successfully running the global schools.
    Airtime Recharging System
    Business Requisite:
    Solkap is a new business requirement from our prestigeous client to work over the African telecommunication sector by building an electronic airtime distribution system for the most popular Telecom Provider in Africa. The system should in addition also be integrated with the customer’s payroll system and make bulk auto-recharges for all mobile users to make it usable for the corporate users.
    P7 Justification:
    Based on the aforementioned requisite, PROBESEVEN was set to develop a proficient e-Recharging system integrated with the Telecom Operator Servers. The market demands were addressed by

    Developing a Realtime Airtime eRecharging system for the corporates and individual users.
    Added Corproate layer to pre-define and effectively manage the sub-user accounts air times by auto-recharging on low balance.
    Added a Dealership and Sub Dealership accounts with flexible on-the-go commission structures.
    Deplpoyed an effective queue management system for a failproof Scheduled Recharges.
    Implemented a Two-way payment transaction system to recharge and pay back bonuses, simplifying the commercial management.
    Implemented a 3 tier Security system using outsourced Firewall systems.
    A Quantum leap in e-AT system www.solkap.com transacting bulk recharges every second in Africa.
  • iGigaplex
    Online Movie Rental Portal
    Business Requisite:
    Gigaplex, a media company across borders run by serial entrepreneurs and movie lovers flourishing in media and technology. The client reached us with a request to build a movie server application for iGigaplex, which should stream full length feature films and other entertainment content in real time on rental basis.
    P7 Justification:
    Quickly after their association with PROBESEVEN, our team proposed a concrete architecture to serve movies for their mobile apps they already had with the Appstore. Our expertise team took the interesting work did several things that uplifted the movie renting experience for the consumers.

    Developed an efficient platform delivering media content at a fast pace.
    Deployed a MVC based secured server app backend to manage the movies, subscriptions and customers.
    Custom built 50+ modules for specific business purposes.
    Added stringent security algorithms to protect the streaming movies from unauthorized access.
    Developed several APIs for a complete communication between the server and the device apps.
    Architect the subscription model simple to rent a movie on the go.
    Quickly developed a simple portal for content owners to submit their movies and get reports on their movie hits and commercials.
    Added Affiliate Marketing Management for the webmasters.
    Facilitated the movie catalog browsing in the marketing website for the customers.
    Rolled out a Facebook Application to rent and watch movies right inside the Facebook account.
    The Entertaining Companion www.igigaplex.com triggered exponential movie rental experience and gone happy our customer.
    B2C Shopping Destination
    Business Requisite:
    PerfumeBee, branch of NewYork Fragrances, USA, doing an exceptional business of perfumes over 30 years, approached us to develop a neat structured e-store to perform their conventional perfume sales online. Customer has more than 12000 items in his inventory and displaying the huge inventory in the estore is a challenge.
    P7 Justification:
    PROBESEVEN simplified the communication process because both parties have a much clearer idea of expectations from the beginning. Our in-house team of OpenCart Developers suggested a clearer, visual reference of what we want and exactly turned into a reality with,

    A brand layer did with the store name and the logo character.
    A well laid scalable architecture using OpenCart with caching techniques.
    Stylish and simple layout for hassle free shopping experience.
    Simplified Product finder and navigation for customers look for their products easily.
    Integrated Facebook login to facilitate Facebook users to auto-register in Perfume Bee.
    Integrated a robust and simple backend tool to manage Inventory, Orders, Customers, etc.
    Deployed a custom discount module to easily generate campaign discount coupons.
    Deployed batch update process to seamlessly maintain the huge inventory data.
    Integrated Custom Newsletter Module to handpick items and send a catalog style newsletter every week.
    Happy Perfume Shopping and business happening at www.perfumebee.com

    Over the deployment, we promoted PerfumeBee through whitehat SEO strategies, Social Media Optimization and additionally conducted a successful Google Advertisement(Paid Ad) campaign triggering bulk orders and returning customers to the e-Store.
    Multi-Store Platform Development
    Business Requisite:
    RDPromos, a leading manufacturer of products over 19 verticals and precisely popular for awards and gift sale, was in desire to create the first marketplace for online shopping exclusively for Corporates. They approached PROBESEVEN to migrate their existing development team to amplify the platform with new dimensions.
    P7 Justification:
    By carefully evaluating the requirements, PROBESEVEN understood the need for a highly customized e-Store ever with OpenCart. The team welcomed it proudly and transformed the e-Store to a well laid business-centric functional platform facilitating the Vendors and Franchisees setup their store, inventory and full fill orders.
    The highlights are,

    Every e-store module went customized to stand for its unique business logic, which we help our client to define.
    Multi-Vendor, Multi-Store, Franchisee model for market propagation.
    Scalable inventory solution allowing to define new vendor product structure on the go.
    Multiple shipping policies and methods as per the vendor feasibility.
    Complete Vendor, Franchisee self-service from store setup till order fulfillment.
    A robust Catalog Generation on the fly with sharing options further with product information request by the customers and catalog expiry.
    Highly customizable store front and product visibility for different customer groups.
    Features to merchandise for the corporate orders.
    Complete highly customizable Scratch Card Redeem Campaign solution for corporates with custom branding options.
    Escrow payment model between the customer and vendors.
    And much more customizations done to make the nifty functionalities.
    Deployed a new caching technique within the MVC engine to load the pages faster.
    A highly monetized and trustworthy shopping store www.rdpromos.com given the right take-off to the business model.
  • SIMO
    A Responsive Online Movie, TV Shows India
    Business Requisite:
    SIMO, a Mobile VOD to watch movies on cloud, approached PROBESEVEN to deliver a technology solution for a mobile application backend to streams Movies, TV shows, Trailers, etc., from the cloud.
    P7 Justification:
    Experienced in a similar concept before, PROBESEVEN understood the solution is different for SIMO and the interesting work in SIMO is finding the right-user interface to let users discover and view movies on the go as the delivery mechanism in mobile is entirely contrary to a desktop version.
    We addressed the request of our client building SIMO as a preferred online entertainment portal to enjoy movies and shows on the go and its features included

    Building a cutting-edge responsive theme which became indispensable for mobile consumers.
    A highly customized backend tool for managing the movies and subscriptions.
    Shots & Cocktails – A unique feature for the users allowed to cut-clip their favorite movie shots and share with the community.
    Captured and reported User Activities for better decision making.
    An embedded Blog & inbuilt Advertisement Management
    Entertainment Mobile Companion App www.simoworld.com and the enthralled customer.
  • Quadra Cloud
    An Enterprise Responsive Presence
    Business Requisite:
    Quadra’s Cloud Consulting Group is a part of Quadrasystems.Net dedicated to help customers adopt cloud and lay the foundation for a responsive and highly agile business environment. The client has imperative cloud solution to offer for customers and reached us to leverage the new website to meet their latest service.
    P7 Justification:
    With a clear understanding of the need for a simple and usable informative website, PROBESEVEN immediately suggested for a device centric approach with a

    Analytical approach to understand and plan for the current audience profiles including different devices, browsers, demographics, etc.
    Top-notch minimal design concept with enhanced usability design.
    Solid & Vibrant images to convey messages visually interesting.
    Simplified and interactive parallax navigation to handle the content heavy pages.
    Employing the responsive technology, optimized the website to work well on the hand-held devices.
    Embedded Webfonts for better typography throughout the web pages.
    Embedded SVG for resolution independent vectors.
    Dynamic content fetching to cross link the relevant topics for continued reading.
    Over all the above, did a professionally handcoded source code to keep it clean and easy for future updates.
    A Fervent & Prestigious finish responsive design www.quadracloud.com and the happy customer.
    Corporate Responsive Web Presence
    Business Requisite:
    Ascent e-Digit Solutions is a popular multi-branded e-solution provider in South India for Government and Private Organizations and well known to deliver bulk orders of Computers and Peripherals on a rate contract model. The business is highly in need of a professional website to display the services offered.

    The challenge is to organize the contents for an effective presentation. The client approached us to build a Corporate Web Presence which should target elite customers/organization and we’d agreed on expressing their association in a most impressive manner.
    P7 Justification:
    Addressing the need to project the client’s strong experience in the industry, PROBESEVEN delivered a competitive online presence meeting the client’s B2B and B2G goals. We employed the latest technologies including

    A well planned organization of compelling contents across the pages.
    A Vibrant Responsive Design to pull customers from all web accessing devices.
    Delivered Cutting edge source with hand coded Media Queries and CSS Styling.
    Embedded Webfonts for better typography.
    Parallax designs showered over the info-graphics for an interesting reading.
    Optimized for fast downloading across Desktops, Smartphones, Netbooks and Tablets.
    Integrated Page Analytics for audience insight.
    An enhanced and competent Corporate Online Presence www.aedindia.com turned a strong marketing asset for the customer.

    To further improve brand recognition and visibility over competition, our proposed SEO & Online promotion solution yielded impressive results of 300% rise in search traffic and over 2,500 unique visitors every month accelerating the business well beyond the expectations.
    Responsive Web Presence
    Business Requisite:
    K M Knitwear, a reputed ISO Certified Garment exporter using cutting edge technologies for manufacturing and delivering garments worldwide. Being a prime exporter with customers in different countries, the client required their existing website to feature their business and infrastructure to reach a wide range of customers.
    P7 Justification:
    PROBESEVEN understood the requirement clearly and immediately suggested to go for a responsive design to reach audience with devices.

    Justifying content to better explain the infrastructure and business unique stand points.
    New photograph shoot conducted to showcase the upgraded technologies in the units.
    Unique rich design responding to the environment with multiple fluid grid layers.
    Added interactive layers with content auto-re-arrangement to handle the content heavy pages within the simple layout.
    Created social pages in Facebook, Twitter and encouraged our customer to post the happenings to the public.
    A Corporate Site working magnificent across all devices www.kmknitwear.com kept our customer happy.
    A Simplified Online Retailing System
    Business Requisite:
    OilPearl have been serving customers with finest quality gemstones since 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand with exceptional quality of natural gemstones. With an unsuccessful previous attempt to take the e-store online, the client ringed us to transform the online shopping store and raise the value of business.
    P7 Justification:
    Beyond just artistic creativity, PROBESEVEN Team addressed the minute details of setting up a shopping cart system such as contacting third-party merchant account services or private merchant account providers, setting up the framework to register online orders in such a way that website managers can easily and efficiently process the purchase orders (primary goal of a shopping site).

    A well defined architecture to handle the huge inventory.
    Categories and Product modules are re-structured to facilitate unique product searches.
    Elite Pink Themed Shopping Design for gender specific interest.
    Interated highly flexible Coupons, Rewards and Gift Certificate options for promotional selling.
    An Integrated Chat Support system for customers to seek order queries instantly.
    Integrated User Generated Review module for social buying experience.
    Elegant Virtual Shopping Mall of Jewelry www.oilpearl.com and the delighted customer.
    Corporate Digital Identity
    Business Requisite:
    ELGI Sauer provide customized solution for the defence, shipping, industrial and offshore markets. The Euro-Indian join venture approached us in need of a website that should stand to cover the market of defence, shipping and industrial needs.
    P7 Justification:
    PROBESEVEN understood the need for the corporate presence across borders by maintaining the existing brand identities of the ventures. The content were well observed by the team and delivered,

    Best-in-class branded corporate web design.
    Custom designed to preserve brand identity.
    Easy and intuitive navigational approach created an interesting browsing.
    Dynamic form generation for industry specific conversations.
    A tailor made CMS for maintaining the website content seamlessly.
    Standard coding structure ensured for the updates across PROBESEVEN and the ELGI IT Team.
    Well-grounded web presence www.elgisauer.com perfectly satisfied the join venture.
  • The Indian Public School
    A Graphical Branded Presence
    Business Requisite:
    The customer, one of the pioneering academic institution in the country, was in need of a state-of-the-art website and SEO for showcasing their natural excellency in education. Their current swf website was not doing the purpose and the institution wanted to take the new development with a brand presence.
    P7 Justification:
    On hearing the requirements, PROBESEVEN Designer Team imagined to take the website highly informative with vector drawings to be with the natural interest of the children at school. Yet the challenge was to deliver the contents effectively and clearly distinct to read.

    Our content team came with the idea of micro-sites to distinct the different campuses the institution had. The campus specific content were separated from the common content to help the parents clearly understood the facilities and happenings in different campuses.
    The idea of adding vector drawings and animations helped to gain the interest of the reader.
    Tailor made CMS was built to publish the news, events and happenings in the institution.
    All this were achieved with no-flash, SEO-Friendly, HTML5 CSS3 that works well in all browsers and devices.
    A world-class educational informative website www.theindianpublicschool.org and the happy customer.

    Upon client’s interest on our Internet Marketing Plans, we formulated the decisive keywords and followed the best white hat SEO practices to position the website on top 5 listings driving in ultimate targeted customers boosting their site traffic and their online presence.
    Substantial Increase in Web Traffic
    Business Requisite:
    Ascent E Digit Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the popular suppliers of computer peripherals for Government, Small and Large scale enterprises, private organizations and for home consumers. We built a unique responsive website for AEDIndia and after its successful launch, the client wanted us to promote it with SEO and achieve page 1 rankings for over 20+ core business oriented terms on search engine result page. We continued our assistance by setting up a search engine optimization campaign to grow their stature in the search engines.
    P7 Justification:
    We audited the site (www.aedindia.com) in SEO POV and made optimizations to make the right page visible on search results and which the customers wish to land on using targeted SEO and web marketing tactics.

    Our SEO Campaign consisted of plans for

    Keyword Analysis & Keyword Rich Meta Data
    Webmaster Audit
    XML Sitemap Implementation
    Strategic link building &
    Periodical Monitoring & Reporting

    During our third month of SEO process, all keywords appeared on first page of Google search results and we achieved nearly 20,000 visitors to the site in a period of four months, yielding better ROI and a new plan of devising one other catalogue site to display all computer peripherals individually and boost quality leads and sales.

    We implemented a themed optimization strategy for all product category and sub-category and promoted the new store in a similar way and achieved rankings for product related keywords within first two pages of search engines result in two months duration.
    A website building new AEDIndia customers by itself, as an outcome of result-driven organic SEO, perfectly utilized the business season.