Realize impeccable team efficiency with modern work management System

Work Management for Modular Teams

Work Management for Modular Teams

Realize impeccable team efficiency with Modern Work Management System

Citrus Tracker, web-based outfit for your modular teams of any industry. Experience an all-round success with your projects

Available web based in the cloud for access from anywhere and anytime. It helps to manage the work flow of any nature of work. Closely integrated which serves as a help desk for increased productivity.
Designed with aided tools that makes collaboration, communication, workflow, knowledge, dedication effective for flawless and swift work completion.?It comes with both work and time tracking facility.
Manage your team with the prevalent and modular software that allows you to visualize the completion and the process of completion in terms of reports, attachments, shares, time tracking and much more.
Gains the back up of Microsoft Infrastructure which has reflected the best integration that provides high availability and easy access.
Deliberated with the best integration of feature to support easily. They are Application and Admission, Class & Sections management, School website, Timetable and Resource allocation, easy staff replacements, money and fee management, TC and academic rollover concepts.
The right desk to cater to the attendance Management, Class Management, Home works, syllabus, exams, marks and grades, assessment reports, messages and announcements with the ultimate collaboration.
Impressive are the parents and students with the tracking of their ward details which includes class schedule, home works, announcements, messages, exam schedule, marks and grade, fee management and interactive reports.

Modernize Workflow

Achieve Collaboration

Empower your team to be in collaboration at all times and share the work flow and knowledge to keep the work moving in great spirits.

Enhance Communication

Get your work transformed to the modern platform and communicate promptly to empower productivity gear.?Keep the work progressing, bond each member on the same page.

Focused Results

Keeps task and related details together eliminating the need for emailing, hence more time focused on task for realising success.

In-memory user performance gets splendid to access instantaneously landing on the desired page promptly. Each time the user behaviour registers to reinforce prompt action over the work management.
The details and the data created are highly security and the password set up has encryption for ultimate protection. The activities and the details are scheduled for constant back up for easy retrieval of current and archived data.
Applies to function device independent so as to promote using hand held devices to smart TV’s. Keeps the flexibility gear on functioning in different OS and browsers. With no redundancy the application performance guarantees in different platforms.
Digitalizing Assessments - Realizes the importance of reports when it gains a better and clearer insight of the performance of the students, faculty and based on different departments as well.
Determines the progress of each of the student in different aspects both scholastic and non-scholastic skills. Simple enough to obtain reports which can be saved and shared.
Reports integrate interactive solutions and bridges the gap to head fast with the goal. Dynamic reports are flexible to understand the SWOT analysis of students and faculty members.

Data Analysis & Reports

Visual & Graphical Reports

Practical Approach with variety that rely on your past and current information. Do not require to change your tool set as it is fully equipped to do the job better than anything and wins your vote for visual and graphical reports. Every task visual and moving, easily pick one and look in detail.

Save & Share

Supported in the best way to keep the reports downloaded in different formats which includes pdf and image files that can be shared among the group with the perfect analysis and the outcome of the work flow.

Instant Intimations

Reinforces you to start a library of intimations which carries the analysis to works smart with the instant mailing and notification for the member activities of the group through the robust web sockets for the card creation, updates, archival, renaming, moving and much more.

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