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Engaged in development of excellent School Management Software focused on school digitalization, effective collaboration, time saving, cost reduction and tasks easing for management, teachers, parents and students across the globe.

01 Challenges:

The Business Scenario:

School management is a crucial part of any schools which relates to the handling of all the stakeholders along with the different departments. Education being the prime value for any schools, wish to offer the best time management strategies for their faculty members. Ample integrations are required at various ends.

The Need for Solution:

Schools complain on collaboration, implementation of the policies and procedures with promptness, complicated reporting and understanding among the faculty, lack of communication with parents, unable to generate reports, managing the assessments a time-consuming task ultimately the time and cost consumed is a major concern.

02 Solutions & Adoption:

The Decision and Approach:

PROBESEVEN understands the school requirements and our concept delivery is our greatest differentiator. Understanding the global practice of schools and the need of dynamic strategies it was decided to implement a software which would be an integration of many modules and unique thoughts were researched and expertise engagement was decided.

The Decision and Approach
The Implementation:

The Implementation:

PenPencilEraser was designed in a most dynamic manner and a software provided as SaaS model and License Model. With deep expertize and clear insights of the problems, our team accelerated the strategy with the unique thoughts and provided support and solutions to the global schools. Much with the latest technology and best minds to develop a robust, clients tested methodology and the various tools to exhibit capabilities.

Accomplished Solution:

Presently PenPencilEraser is available for global schools, it is an integration of various modules and schools experience time saving and on cost cutting in their daily operations. The digitalization process is simplified for schools and any school across the globe can adopt to PenPencilEraser employing subscription model which is based on the student count. License model is also made available for feasible clients.

Accomplished Solution

03 Upshot:

The Results:

Identified as better time saving and cost cutting up to 60% in schools, it is also acknowledged that schools benefit better with the integrated school website, the overhead cost in communication and collaboration were simplified and reduced. A rational blend of all modules includes the Mobile App for parents made PenPencilEraser a unique and successful platform for schools across the globe. This transformation enables schools to mark the achievement of next level of performance.

The Future:

The best-of-its-kind and more modules shall be integrated with availability of upscaling. Serving global schools with the best flexibility and convenience keeps PenPencilEraser prominent. Visit for an insight of features.


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